Baking a “free-from” cake everyone round the table could eat

Cake mixture in a mixing bowl with an electric mixer.
Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash

Days of yore

While rifling though a stack of scrappy notes the other day, I came across a dog-eared piece of paper, all scribbles and question marks, a streak of wiped-away ingredients blurring some words.

It took me a while to decode it.

When I did, it brought back a rush of memories…

We only see these flamboyant fliers for a brief portion of their lives

The male emperor dragonfly has a bright turquoise body with green back.
Emperor dragonfly (male) | Photograph by Farah Egby

Season’s end

There are still golden days left in the year. You know the ones.

The sun is warm enough to pleasantly tickle your skin and the breeze blows softly, hemmed with the only tiniest threat of winter.

Here in the east of England, summer is ending. The fens are beginning to…

Farah Egby

Software Agilist, Erstwhile Scientist, Music Dabbler and Amateur Human Being.

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